The  language of the night

Year: 2019 - 2023
Total run time: 11min
Full HD digital, stereo, color

Directors: Hee Young Pyun + Jiajun ‘Oscar’ Zhang

Language of the Night is a film which explores people’s dream both verbally and visually. More specifically, we collect last night’s dream of people in a campus town in America, people who are distant from their home. We go to our friends’ bedrooms and listen to the stories of their dreams. It can be as lucid as last night’s dream, or the most impressive dream that is fading away. This is the ‘dream symphony’ film, a representation of our illusory experience during our nights. In our dreams, we occupy space that we miss, we meet people we miss, or we just see our quotidian. By juxtaposing people’s voice describing their dreams with various images of the town at night, images of our surrounding space or even our drawings of our dream, we can connect our dreams with our rooms, environment, nostalgia, and relationships. Language of the Night is the embodiment of our dreams, which can only exist in our memory, and which are often volatile to even remember.

2023 “Future Future” Young artists’s experimental film project at the Fosun Foundation, Shanghai