Jiajun ‘Oscar’ Zhang

Jiajun spent most of his childhood in Shanghai, China. He studied film in London, then drifted through diffrent places on earth, before moving to Seoul. His films often cross the borders between nations, identities, fiction, documentary, and different genres.

Hee Young Pyun

HEE YOUNG is an architect/filmmaker. She has been working on various architectural projects, exhibitions, and publishing projects internationally and collaborating with filmmakers from all over the world as a writer, director and production designer. Firmly believing in borderless filmmaking, Hee Young is continuing her experiment on cinema as a media to explore space and place.

Harim Pyo

As an architect, HARIM has been working on numerous architectural projects in Korea and China. Although most architectural works might be tied to the ground, she likes to read novels, travel through text, and roam about the world.  Her dream is to write in the space between belonging and drifting. Harim believes that detailed imagination and small decisions in the architectural process are also critical in writing.

Timothy John Baraceros Collanto

TJ is a filmmaker and 3D artist born in the US and trained at the London Film School. He has been collaborating with his peers internationally on cinema and installation projects that explore the genesis and consequences of migration; himself a product of one. He is interested in continuity and tries to find it wherever he goes. You can find him sleeping at his friends’ houses.